Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the smartphone have my language installed?
Yes, all of our smartphones come preinstalled with Global Multilanguage ROM with Google Play Store.
What are the delivery charges for orders from the EuDirect Shop?
You will see the shipping cost at the end of the checkout process. It is based on where you live.
Which payment methods are accepted in the EuDirect Shop?
We accept PayPal as a payment method. You can also pay by any major credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.
How long will delivery take? Do I have to pay any taxes or import fees?
All of the phones are sent from our HK warehouse. But for EU clients, we import it first to our EU warehouse and then send it to you so that you don’t have to pay VAT or import fees. Delivery is 10-15 business days once it’s shipped.
Is shopping in the EuDirect Shop secure? Is my data protected?
Absolutely. As a reputed supplier, security is the top priority at EuDirect Shop. We ensure the security of all transaction data by cooperating with an advanced security solution provider, so your information is kept intact. Safer and easier online shopping with the best supplier, EuDirect Shop is the right shopping choice for you!
What exactly happens after ordering? Do I get a tracking number?
After successful payment, you will get an email notification that your order is processing. Please allow 1-3 working days to process your order. After that, you will receive an email notification that your order is shipped. This means that your package is now on the way to our EU warehouse. From there, it will be redirected to you and a new tracking number will be available in your account.
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
Yes, after successful payment, an invoice will be sent to your email address.
After 3 working days, my order is still processing? What should I do?
If after 3 working days, your order still hasn’t been shipped, this probably means that the phone color or variation that you’ve ordered is in limited stock. Please contact our support team to find a solution.

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